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Just Believe Detox Center is the best drug and alcohol detox in Florida. We offer detox for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or both. We pride ourselves on the scope of our programs from detox and residential treatment, to our partial hospitalization program (PHP).A future free from addiction can be yours, starting today! That’s the promise we keep!

Medical Detox

Medical detox is a monitored recovery process. Medical detox programs are for people struggling with the more extreme end of substance abuse problems.

Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from excessive alcohol use is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted without medical supervision. Alcohol withdrawal happens when someone abruptly stops.

Drug Detox

Attempting a program without first going through detox will only mean distraction and less effective treatment. You will also leave yourself open to a higher chance of relapse.

Heroin Detox

Withdrawal symptoms tend to be severe and set in quickly due to how quickly the body becomes dependent on the drug. Treatment must include a full continuum of care.

We Believe Recovery Is Possible For Everyone

Our mission is to provide each person that enters our program with the highest level of care and personalized treatment. We will consistently show love and compassion while using direct, respectful, and honest communication.

We will provide a safe and serene atmosphere that will be conducive to building trust and hope. We will devotedly convey the message that “we believe” recovery is possible for everyone.

Choosing a detox program is an important first step toward recovery from substance abuse. Though rehabilitation programs are frequently 30 to 90 days long, the first part of all of them is detox. During detox, a doctor or nurse helps you manage the symptoms of withdrawal that occur when you stop taking drugs or alcohol.

Often rehab programs combine detox with weeks or months of therapy, classes, and recovery. However, lengthy rehab programs are not possible for everyone. They require a significant investment of money and time. For those who have family responsibilities or a demanding job, a short detox program may be the most feasible choice.

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Just Believe Detox Center is a fully licensed, Joint Commission accredited, comprehensive drug and alcohol detox center located in Port St Lucie, Florida.

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Our Addiction Detox Treatments

There are numerous addictive substances, both legally manufactured and illegally produced, that can damage the brain’s reward system, requiring an integrative approach to detoxing. Just Believe Detox Center provides comprehensive detox for individuals who may have an addiction to any of the following substances but not limited to:

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