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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Yourself While At A Detox In Florida

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Going to a detox center does not mean stepping away from life altogether or even putting life on hold. Rather, there are many things that you can do in a detox center in order to keep developing yourself as an individual. These practices will not only give you something to focus on while your body is ridding itself of the alcohol or drugs, it will also give you skills to develop and continue nurturing as you work through recovery.

Recovery, after all, is never an easy process. The more that you have in your life that makes it full, bright, and worth living, the lesser the grip that temptation will have on you as you move forward with your sobriety. The following list is comprised of just five simple suggestions of ways to improve yourself in detox, but there are many more that you can explore. To learn more about these things, consult with your licensed counselor at your detox center.

Make a List of Goals

Detox is a time to rid yourself of the negative factors in your life to make room for all of the positive. While you will have plenty of help in this realm in the form of counselors, family or friends, and other staff, creating a list of the things that you would like to see in both yourself and your life will give you a tangible goal to work towards. Detox is a complicated and difficult process and the last thing that you want is to give up because it is too much for you and you do not see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. You must turn into yourself and see what the “light” is for you. If you can turn your goal into a series of smaller goals, this will allow you to see your progress more readily.

Try Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice by which you look into yourself and the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you are feeling. You do this without judgment and without expectations of yourself. What this does is it gives you an outlet through which you can look at your impulses and urges to better understand how to react to them.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate and you can do so for a few minutes in the day or for several hours. This depends on your particular schedule and needs. However, be certain that you have space to feel comfortable and that you have relative quiet so that you are not distracted.

A small example of a meditation exercise that you could utilize is:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath through your nostrils for three seconds
  • Hold that breath for two seconds
  • Exhale through your mouth for four seconds

Take Up Exercise

Exercise can seem near impossible when your body is already straining to release the hold that drugs or alcohol has on you. However, this can be one of the best ways to get you feeling happier and healthier sooner because of the endorphins that are released when the body is in motion. Endorphins serve as a sort of “replacement high” while improving mental as well as physical health. If exercise seems like a daunting prospect, try starting out with small exercises at first. Even a short walk can make a great difference if you do it consistently over time. Exercise also gives you an opportunity to be social with others through participation in a sport.

Read a Book

Reading is an opportunity to explore a new subject or open up new worlds. From picking up a new skill to discovering a new genre, books are a unique adventure each time. They allow the reader to forget their worldly troubles for a short period of time and lose themselves in something outside themselves. Recovering addicts can even join book clubs and discuss the books that they are reading with a group of fellow patients. This is another prime opportunity for socialization, and it opens the door for a blossoming passion that can continue to develop after the patient has left the center.

Utilize the Arts

The arts are a wonderful outlet for expression, especially for those who are struggling with their emotions and their mental stability. Art is also a forgiving medium of expression because there are so many ways to go about it and success is subjective. You can try a variety of different tools and materials to see which ones work best for you and create as long as you would like. It is an encouraging practice because it allows patients to receive praise for their skill and foster bonds with others based on a shared interest. Because of the versatility of art, it is also easy for patients to continue on with their artistic practice once they have left the detox center.

If the visual arts are not suited for you, you can also try writing prose or poetry. This is just as valid an expression as the visual arts and can be equally social or personal depending on the preference of the patient.

The Detox Center You Need

Recovery is a process that takes time and it is one that is done with the help of many people supporting you and providing you with guidance. Detox is the first step toward sobriety, but it is not a step that you have to take alone. With the help of a professional and experienced detox center, you can get the support and help that you need to begin the journey toward recovery. Are you ready to get started or do you have further questions? Call us now at 877-497-6180.