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Standalone Medical Detox Centers

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Today individuals attempting to recover from drug and alcohol abuse have more choices than ever. There are inpatient and outpatient rehab centers available. Some rehab facilities even have medical detox centers as part of their services. A good question you may be asking is: Are medical detox centers attached to rehab facilities better than standalone medical detox centers? This is an involved question that requires exploration.

Human nature would be to say if you are able to simply check in to one rehab facility and get the medical detox and residential drug rehab you need together, this would be the easiest way. You would avoid having to leave the detox center a week later to check into medical rehab. It does not necessarily mean that it is the best decision though. To properly answer the question, you have to consider first and foremost experience of staff and facility, safety, quality of the facility and program, and effectiveness. We will consider these here to ascertain if standalone facilities are better than combined detox and rehab facilities.

Combined Rehab/Detox Versus Standalone Detox Facilities

Here are some of the significant advantages that Standalone Detox Facilities bring their patients and participants:

  • Experience of staff and facility – the inpatient rehab centers generally focus on therapeutic programs and services with a backup of techs to help out with daily detox needs and operations
  • Safety – physically withdrawing from drugs can be extremely uncomfortable in the best of situations and possibly fatal in the worst case scenarios. This argues strongly for dedicated detox facilities
  • Quality of the facility and program – rehab centers are often good at their specialty, but this does not mean their detox staff abilities and training are up to dedicated detox facilities’ staff capabilities. All drug and alcohol rehab centers are not the same, and standalone detox centers will focus all their efforts on a through and highly effective detox process
  • Effectiveness – Traditional drug and alcohol rehab centers will offer a standard detox daily treatment program. For those who do not or can not keep up with their regimen, they are all too often left behind

This is not to say that rehab centers are not good at what they do. When they try to combine detox services alongside their rehab agenda and primary focus, detox easily can become an afterthought. We will look in more detail at the features that differentiate the combined rehab and detox centers from the dedicated detox facilities and programs in the next sections.

Experience of Staff and Facility Favors Dedicated Detox Centers

It is really important to consider the qualifications of the onsite staff of a center when selecting a place for detox. The inpatient programs at rehab centers do not feature detox staff with highly specialized skills and training. In fact, there are not any federally (or even state) stipulated degrees or studies required to be a tech backup for detox at a rehab center. There are not any credentialing or licensing boards or requirements either, other than CPR and basic first aid training and skills.

With detox centers, they are instead generally going to employ clinical support staff with minimally a higher standard of qualifications and educational background. This should include Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) on staff. It matters hugely as no two detox experiences are identical. It is why standalone detox centers are better prepared to deal with all possibilities in the detox process, especially if something should go wrong with the treatment.

Safety Requires A More Specialized Detox Center

Detox processes can be potentially life threatening if not properly handled. This is especially the case with addictions to Xanax, Valium, and other benzodiazepines as well as alcohol detox. In cases where the detox is not correctly performed, it can lead to life-threatening seizures.

Drug rehab programs and facilities will do their best, yet they are not fully equipped for standard clinical detox procedures. This means that their medical staff and medication on hand will not be appropriate for urgent and unexpected scenarios. The truth is that typical inpatient facilities will generally subcontract their combined detox program out to a provider who is offsite. In other words, there will not be easily or quickly on hand emergency services for cases where detox does not go as planned.

Quality of the Rehab Facility and Program’s Detox Services Can Not Match A Dedicated Detox Center

The simple economics of the rehab industry is that detox is not a lucrative, big money part of the business. It explains why rehab facilities do not pour many resources into their detox phase treatment programs. This can be dangerous in unusual detox situations.

Leaving the detox center completely clean of the drugs or alcohol in your system allows you the patient the ability to then pick the right rehab center. In those facilities that are combined rehab and detox programs, high quality sobriety can be (and often is) sacrificed to focus on the rehab phase that brings in the higher fees for services.

Effectiveness In First Stage Detox Is Key To Avoid Early Relapses

Every individual’s needs for detox will be different. All combined rehab and detox centers will have their own particular types and methods for alcohol and drug rehab. Where detox is concerned though, effectiveness is crucial. You need to be in a facility that will meet your individual requirements and your body’s needs. For example, if you are doing Suboxone detox for opiate pain pills or heroin, you will be best helped by undergoing detox before you become melded into a treatment process.

Otherwise, you may soon find yourself in a full blown relapse. This is how you become another statistic among the many who did not successfully recover in rehab. It does not have to happen to you though. If you are ready to get started, contact us today. Call us now at 877-497-6180. Our counselors will be waiting to hear from you.

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