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Can a Detox Center in Palm Beach Help With Both Drugs and Alcohol?

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Drugs and alcohol don’t discriminate. They are addictive substances to any individual who is unable to resist the temptation to abuse them. There are differences in how drugs and alcohol manifest as addictive substances, but that’s of little concern to the individual who watches the substance of their life turn into a mess as their addiction takes over.

Of course, there’s never anything permanent about an addiction. Each individual has a choice. They can seek help and try to arrest their addiction before it’s too late or they can stay on an addictive path until they end up in a psych ward, prison or a grave. Our hope is each and every addiction victim chooses to get help.

The only viable form of help comes from a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. Before anyone is going to be able to find their way into treatment, they need to do one thing, they need to surrender. They need to recognize they are in the throes of a serious disease, and they have to be willing to reach out for help. When they can do those things, they are ready to receive the help they need.

The next step is locating the best addiction treatment program they can afford. Staying close to home is not always the best choice for a lot of reasons. If money does not issue because of insurance or financial resources, our Palm Beach facility is a great solution. It sits in the middle of what is generally termed, “the rehab capital of the world.” If a prospective patient can make it here, they’ll have an excellent chance at a full recovery.

Can a Detox Center in Palm Beach Help With Both Drugs and Alcohol?

This really is a relevant question. Unless a rehab facility designates itself as a treatment center for a specific substance, it’s safe to assume they are an equal opportunity addiction treatment provider. As such, they will offer the same kind of treatment no matter what substance has created the addiction.

Yes. In a majority of the cases, the patient who enters rehab is going to want/need help with the detox process. There are some substances, namely heroin and fentanyl, that can create very dangerous and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. That’s the primary reason why doctors warn patients about the dangers of trying to quit using without some form of medical assistance. As a point of reference, here are a few of the withdrawal symptoms a heroin addict might encounter should they suddenly stop using heroin:

  • Severe muscle cramping in the stomach region and extremities
  • Sweating, tremors, and convulsions
  • Nightmares and hallucinations
  • Respiratory problems
  • Heart rate and blood pressure issues
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Psychological issues like suicidal ideology, depression, and anxiety

The goal of a medically-monitored detox program for both drugs and alcohol is the same, keep the patient safe and comfortable while they detox. If issues arise, the medical staff always has the option to step in and provide prescription medications to keep the patient from suffering. It’s noteworthy than unless the patient has been dealing with alcoholism for many months or years, the detox process for alcohol addiction is usually a little shorter than detoxing from serious narcotics.

After detox, the patient is ready for the next three steps of treatment. These steps include:

  • Therapy and Counseling
  • Life Skills Building
  • Aftercare

Therapy and Counseling

Therapy and counseling are the cornerstones of any addiction treatment program. These processes bring the patient together with licensed professional counselors who will guide the patient through a process of self-discovery.

For the patient’s part, they need to enter therapy with a willingness to be open and honest about every aspect of their life. If they can do this much, the counselor will be able to help them drill down into their heart and soul in search of the truth about their addiction. The truth equals the root causes. Finding the root causes is very important. Without identifying the real problems, history is likely to repeat itself at some time in the future. Awareness creates an opportunity for developing solutions.

Life Skills Building

Most addiction sufferers have lost the ability to cope with life on life’s terms. Personal, emotional or psychological problems have driven them to hide behind drugs or alcohol. They don’t have to cope if they are living in an alternative universe.

As indicated above, awareness of the root causes of their addiction is vital. These root causes will actually become the targets for developing better life skills. With life skills, we are talking about learning to communicate better about feelings, developing more confidence, learning to manage finances better to avoid financial problems and how to better manage relationships.

Any man or woman who understands their triggers yet has the right life skills to manage those triggers is going to have a great chance at a full recovery.


An astute individual is going to recognize that the fight against addiction is going to last a lifetime. It’s never appropriate for someone to let their guard down. While they are living life, their addiction illness is doing exercises in the background, waiting for a chance to reappear.

To help prevent relapses, the addiction treatment facility provides aftercare resources for people in recovery who need a gut-check every now and then. The most popular aftercare resources are additional outpatient counseling, membership in a 12-Step program (AA & NA) and a living stint in a sober living home. There’s no shame in needing further help. It’s all about establishing recovery and keeping recovery.

If you are suffering from an addiction to any kind of substance, you have choices to make. We hope you will choose to get help and choose us to help you. Freedom from addiction is just one call away. Please call one of our representatives at 877-497-6180.

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