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Can I Get Free Rehab in Florida if I’m Disabled?

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Do you have a disability and a problem with drugs or alcohol? You may feel that you are the only one experiencing this dilemma, but you are not alone. There are 21 million people that have a substance abuse issue in this country, and it’s estimated that more than 75 percent of those people have physical or mental limitations too. The degree of these limitations varies from slight to incapacitating. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope or help available. There are Florida rehabilitation centers that are stepping up and making sure that their facilities can handle those with physical and mental challenges.

When you have limited funds, you may wonder how you can pay for such a program. Medicare and Medicaid do offer payment for many rehabilitation centers. There are also other grants and subsidies that can help cover the costs. You need to speed to a counselor to see what options are available in “The Sunshine State.”

The Prevalence of Addiction

The prevalence of substance abuse among the disabled is remarkable. Having a physical or mental disability makes you four times more likely to develop an addiction. You may feel you don’t have the money to pay for services or that there won’t be a facility that is equipped for your needs. Thankfully, centers across the country are taking steps to ensure that those with physical and mental limitations get the help they need.

When you have a medical limitation like arthritis, a spinal cord injury, or multiple sclerosis, you have concerns about getting treatment. Can a center handle the blind, deaf, or those that have sensory issues? What about if you need a wheelchair to get around? Thankfully, the issue has received national attention, and centers are making changes.

Tips On Finding The Right Rehabilitation Center

There are many options to help your recovery from your addiction. However, when choosing a center, look for one that has these things:

Geared Towards Vocational Rehabilitation

If you are struggling with both drug and alcohol addiction as well as your physical disability, then a vocational rehabilitation program could be for you. These centers motivate and put meaning behind the entire process, which only helps to increase the chances of long-term success.


Most centers have ramps on the outside, but they do not have accessibility requirements inside. Movement issues can lead to program failure. Adding things like mobility aids, ramps, and elevators is a start to the process, but there is much more needed to make a center accessible. For instance, there should be audio materials for those that are blind or have a hard time seeing. What about the deaf? There should be staff members trained in sign language so that those with hearing challenges can receive counseling and communicate with the staff.

Therapy and Exercise

While exercise is great, if you are limited and cannot do Yoga or cardio, then you may have to sit and watch while others partake. No one wants to be left out. An option is to have a physical therapist that can help you get the workout you need within your limitations. Getting proper exercise is a vital part of the program, and if they don’t have this option, then you can be cheated out of one of the best recovery tools around.

Compassion Towards Disabilities

It’s scary to be in a strange place and surrounded by unfamiliar people at one of the most vulnerable times in your life. You certainly want someone that is understanding. You need therapists that don’t push you beyond your abilities, and counselors that know what you can and cannot do.

It’s imperative that programs meet your specific needs, but you also need to have someone sympathetic. If a person with a spinal cord issue is addicted to heroin, it’s easy to see that this is a form of self-medicating to soothe the pain. They may not be able to accept their disability and suffer from crippling depression and anxiety. Unless the staff understands how to deal with these issues and people, they can hinder more than help. Always ask about staff training in helping the disabled.

Don’t Let Your Disability Hold You Back

Finances should be one of the few reasons why you avoid getting help. Call us today at 877-497-6180 to see what programs are out there that can reduce the cost or allow you to attend for free. Make sure you have any insurance information available. There are centers equipped and affordable for your recovery needs in the state of Florida.

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