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Just Believe detox center believes in the ongoing support of those in recovery, and in providing public awareness and education! One important way we do this is through our Drug and Alcohol detox Blog, power-packed with news, ideas, and detox help!

Blown Vein From IV Drug Use | Just Believe Detox

Blown Vein From IV Drug Use

A “blown vein” is a term referring to a vein that has ruptured and is leaking blood into surrounding tissue. Once the vein has ruptured, the surrounding skin may start to appear darker than usual, and the individual may feel a stinging pain. If this

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Yellow Xanax Bars | Effects, Abuse, and Dependence | Just Believe Detox
Abused Substances

Yellow Xanax Bars: Effects, Abuse, and Dependence

“Yellow school bus” or “yellow bus” are street names for the yellow Xanax bar, which is actually a benzodiazepine medication made by a drug company called Actavis Pharma. Conversely, the real Xanax bar (the brand name made by Pfizer) is white rather than yellow. Both

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Is It Okay to Mix Cocaine and Viagra? | Just Believe Detox
Abused Substances

Is It Okay to Mix Cocaine and Viagra?

Is it okay to use cocaine in combination with Viagra? No. It’s risky in many ways and can result in several mental and physical health complications. Using these two substances together may lead to psychological dependence on one or both drugs. A man may feel

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Can You Combine Ibuprofen and Alcohol? | Just Believe Detox
Alcohol Addiction

Can You Combine Ibuprofen and Alcohol?

Ibuprofen (e.g., Advil, Motrin) is an NSAID (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) designed to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It’s commonly sold over the counter (OTC), meaning it doesn’t require a prescription. That said, some prescription-only pharmaceutical products may also include ibuprofen. Although OTC medications such

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Should I Combine Trentellix and Alcohol? | Just Believe Detox

Why You Should Not Combine Trentellix and Alcohol

Trintellix (vortioxetine) is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) available in tablet form designed for oral use. Drinking alcohol while using Trintellix is not advised and may exacerbate drug side effects, such as dizziness and vomiting. It may also increase depressive symptoms and undermine the

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What Are Dabs? | Just Believe Detox
Pain Management

What Are Dabs?

Dabs are a form of marijuana that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The method used to extract THC, when smoked as dabs, gives the marijuana an incredibly potent effect. Dabs is considered an “umbrella” term for this form of marijuana. It may be

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prescription drugs, instructions and warnings.
Pain Management

Detoxing from Prescription Pills?

One of the primary reasons people stay in their active addiction to drugs like opioids is because they’re afraid of the symptoms of withdrawal. There are also those who have chronic pain, but they’ve developed an addiction to their pain medications. You may be wondering

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