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We Believe Recovery Is Possible For Everyone.
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Living with an addiction is not an easy feat. People wrapped up in a drug or alcohol addiction are not usually living amazing or fulfilling lives. Addiction is lonely, dangerous, and all-consuming. Given time, addiction will take over your life. This type of life can leave you feeling empty and alone. In the midst of an addiction you may feel lost, but you can always be found. Where to from here?

Where can I turn?

There is help for any addiction. There are answers to be found. Rehab is the right place to start. Getting clean is not something that anyone should do alone. Just getting past the withdrawal symptoms does not provide long-lasting sobriety. It is just the beginning. Whether you go into an inpatient program for 90 days or just leaving detox after 7 days, there is an empty feeling that the addiction once filled. If you don’t find something that can help you feel more fulfilled may set you back in the future. This is where aftercare can help.

What Now?

Looking for long-lasting sobriety can be a bit of trial and error. You and your recovery specialist can find a great place for you to start. From there, once you feel more comfortable, looking for something more is natural. Your sobriety may look different from what you thought it would. Your life will change in ways you may not expect.

Religion vs Spirituality

There are differences in these two concepts. When religion is mentioned it can invoke different feelings in different people. Spirituality is usually misunderstood. Some people feel they have lost their way during their addiction. No one is ever ‘all the way gone’. These two concepts each have aspects that can truly help anyone. Religions are a specific set of organised beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. Looking into different religions or reconnecting with one you have strayed from can be what you were looking for. Being apart of a community is an important part of sobriety.

Spirituality is a broad concept with many different perspectives. Generally, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It is more of an individual journey guided by those who have or have had similar feelings. You can be spiritual without being religious. These are two different concepts, but what they have in common is what is most important. Religion and spirituality can help fill that void that addiction leaves.

There can be comfort in knowing there is something out there for and with us. A relationship with a higher power, of your own definition, is part of what has helped make AA/NA so helpful and successful. Religion and spirituality can help anyone. Addiction causes a ripple effect that touches everyone.

A parent that has or lost a child that lost their way can find help with that pain. An addict or an alcoholic can find help with the pain that their addiction has left them with. Keeping an open mind with how your long-lasting sobriety may look is extremely important. Find what works for you and work it!

Other Programs

  • AA/NA are proven to help alcoholics and addicts. These support groups have been around since the 1930s and the successes are why they still help the suffering today.
  • A long-term outpatient program could work for you. These can be one-on-one or group counselings that happen a few days a week.
  • There are MATS (medically-assisted treatments) that medical professionals help explore what maintenance medications could work for you.

There are options that deserve to be explored. You and your recovery specialist can discuss all of your options. You will know you have found the right path when you begin to feel more and more comfortable with yourself.

Life takes twists and turns for everyone. Those dealing with an addiction these twists and turns can derail a lot of hard work. In the end, dealing with these twists and turns in a positive way, addict or not, is key to becoming a stronger person.

Working to long-lasting sobriety will make you a stronger person. You learn a lot about yourself while on your journey. Some things you find may be things you need to change. Some things you find that you had in you all along may be things to hold onto. Everyone’s journey looks different, but the end result is what we all want. We all want to be happy. The goal to become the best possible version of ourselves is something we should all work towards.

If you are suffering or looking to find the next step in recovery give us a call. If a loved one is suffering or you have questions on how to be apart of the changes you see call for that information. We will always be readily available.

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