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Dilaudid Detox Treatment

Dilaudid Detox in Port Saint Lucie

Breaking an addiction to the opioid Dilaudid (hydromorphone) can be extremely difficult. Many users who attempt a Dilaudid detox at home end up relapsing due to the unpleasant effects of withdrawal.

Undergoing a medically-supervised Dilaudid detox, however, can ensure the patient’s safety and comfort through this rigorous process.

When a client enters a Dilaudid detox, he or she immediately receives a full physical and medical examination, and information about the client’s background and family history is also gathered. Using this information, our team of medical and mental health professionals will devise a plan for detox that they feel will be the most appropriate and effective.

During detox, all clients receive around-the-clock supervision and vital sign monitoring.

What Is Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is used medically as a cough suppressant and morphine alternative. It is more potent than morphine but has a lower risk of dependence. It is used to treat severe pain resulting from injuries, burns, surgery, etc. However, Dilaudid still has a fairly high potential for addiction, particularly when used for long periods of time or in high doses.

Symptoms of Dilaudid Abuse

Symptoms of Dilaudid abuse are often similar to those of morphine and other opioids. Some effects may include:

respiratory depression
nausea and vomiting

An overdose is most likely to occur when the drug is used intravenously, but other methods may result in an overdose as well. In serious cases, sleep apnea, cardiac arrest, and death may occur. While Dilaudid is a legal drug, it should not be used recreationally or misused for any purpose.

Withdrawal symptoms may include hot flashes and chills, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, cramps, back pain, intestinal spasms, increased blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate.

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