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Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Withdrawal

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Alcohol withdrawal is not only extremely painful and uncomfortable, but it can also be very dangerous without the help of a qualified addiction treatment center. Each year, many people want to get sober, but they can’t because the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol are far too harsh. Due to some of the symptoms of withdrawal, there are those who pass away as a result. This is why it’s so crucial to go to a facility that can help you through the detox process so you can make it through as safe and comfortable as possible.

By learning why alcohol dependence and the symptoms of withdrawal happen, you’ll be better equipped when you go into treatment. When you understand why you’re experiencing these symptoms, you’ll start to understand how addiction medicine helps to minimize these symptoms. Not only does this make your detox experience more comfortable, but it also decreases your chance of relapse. Another major part of the detox process is beginning addiction treatment so you can learn how to stay sober as well.

Why Does Alcohol Withdrawal Happen?

The human body has been evolving for a very long time, and one of the ways it helps us survive is by knowing what it needs. The body has developed signals to send to your body such as hunger and thirst, which help you survive. When you have an empty stomach or are dehydrated, you know what to do to start feeling better. The problem is that when you begin introducing a substance like alcohol into your body on a regular basis, your body changes and soon develops a dependence.

As you continue to drink in excess for years or even months, your brain and body no longer know how to function without alcohol in your system. As the alcohol begins to metabolize and leave your system, the neurotransmitters in your brain begin to misfire and cause a wide range of symptoms. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be both psychological as well as physical, and they can include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Depression
  • Irritability

These symptoms are so difficult to deal with on your own that many people just go back to alcohol when they try to detox without any help. This is why so many people stay stuck in the cycle of addiction, but a treatment center can help you to overcome your symptoms of withdrawal. You’ll have a professional staff with you at all times to help you through the detox process and help ensure your recovery. This is also crucial because unlike many other substances, withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous.

The Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Some people don’t realize it, but withdrawal from alcohol is more dangerous than substances like heroin and cocaine. During withdrawal, your heart is under a tremendous amount of stress, and this can lead to an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Without the help of medical professionals, it’s possible to experience cardiac failure. When you’re in the care of a qualified addiction treatment center, you’ll receive the medical attention you need to help regulate your heart rate and blood pressure so you can be as safe as possible.

The other major risk of alcohol withdrawal is that there is a chance of experiencing a seizure or multiple seizures. The brain is greatly affected and changed by regular alcohol consumption, which is why there’s a possibility for seizures as you go through the detox process. A treatment center helping you through alcohol withdrawal will provide you with medications that will help prevent seizures and ensure your safety.

Addiction Treatment

The detox process is only one part of the recovery process, and the best way to stay sober is through the help of addiction treatment. Although your physical dependence may have been a major reason as to why you continued drinking, it’s important to overcome the psychological dependence as well. Your mind has been trained to turn to alcohol as a solution for all of your problems, and that needs to change. Through working with licensed treatment professionals, you’ll discover that there’s a better way of living that doesn’t involve alcohol or any other substance.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, allow us to help. We’re a qualified detox facility located in South Florida, and we’re passionate about helping people begin on their path towards a new life. For more information about how we can help, call us today at 877-497-6180.

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