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How Do I Know If A Detox Facility Is The Right One For Me?

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Detox facilities are readily available in today’s world, but they’re not all designed with the patient’s needs in mind and with an eye on aftercare. In other words, just finding a detox isn’t necessarily enough to ensure lasting and joyous sobriety. Since the quality of your sobriety will in some ways depend on the type of initial detox care you get, it’s vital to find one that’s exactly right for you and your needs and goals.

Before entering into any detox program, there are a few key areas you need to make sure you’re comfortable with. Many detoxes outline their program clearly so that you can make an informed, wise choice for yourself. You’ll want to make sure that you take everything about the detox into consideration so that you don’t enter the program and become discouraged or frustrated.

Hallmarks of the Perfect Detox

Since no detox can be perfect for every single circumstance, you need to look for indicators that the detox is right for your specific situation. For example, not every detox is a “Christian detox” that caters to the Christian faith. If you’re strong on your faith and want a Christian recovery, you’d need to look for a detox that at least allows you to express your faith with no qualms about it on the part of staff and clients. Other things to look for include:

  • Does the detox offer medical detox if needed?
  • Does the detox have 24/7 counseling services if needed?
  • Are there licensed psychiatrists who can work with co-existing disorders?
  • Does the detox construct a relapse prevention plan just before release?
  • Are you comfortable with the length of the stay?

The Heart of the Matter

If you need medical detox, obviously you’ll want to look for a detox that offers medication and a doctor’s care during your initial stay. Not every detox offers this, and not every client will need this kind of care. More severe addictions to strong drugs, such as heroin, often require a medical detox. Before committing to the detox, make sure that it offers a medical detox if you need one. If you have a co-existing disorder or even suspect you might have one, it’s pertinent to seek a detox with a licensed psychiatrist who can diagnose or monitor a co-existing condition.

Relapse prevention is usually a part of a solid aftercare plan. Once you’re to the end of your stay, are you counselors and other staff members going to help you craft a plan that will keep you sober afterward? If you need residential treatment, do they offer it or are they capable of referring you to a residential home for long-term treatment? Is the stay at the detox something you’re comfortable with? For example, if you want a two-week detox, and it’s 30 days, are you comfortable staying that length of time? Following treatment plans is crucial to sustained recovery. Make sure you’re comfortable with all or most aspects of their recovery plan.

Is a Detox Right For You?

You’ll know that detox is right for you when you’re comfortable with their program of recovery and the safeguards they have to keep you safe and comfortable during your stay. No one detox is going to be a one-program-fit-all for clients. Every client’s needs are unique, and they can’t get everything right for your feelings, but they should have a suite of services that give you hope for happy sobriety. And you should above all be comfortable talking to their staff before admission. If you get a sense of unease or don’t mesh well with their outline program, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Before beginning your search, it’s wise to consider what your goals are. Are you just trying to get through the initial detox and then take it from there? Are you thinking of residential long-term care? Make sure that the detox you choose has the right courses of action for you, the right length of stay, and the right attitude toward recovery. Detoxes offer so much hope to suffering clients, and they all do their best to accommodate the needs of all clients, but they will have a set program in place on general things, so make sure they offer the right kind of care for your needs.

If you’re ready to reach out for hope, please call on us today to see if we’re the right detox for you. Call today at 877-497-6180.

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