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How Long Does It Take to Get Into Alcohol Rehab in Florida?

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Now that you have decided you need professional help for your addiction problem, getting into an alcohol rehab would be the next ideal step. Although tracing an alcohol rehab and getting admission often is a straightforward process, it may seem daunting if you are a first-timer and you are unsure of what to expect.

The longer you continue to engage in alcohol abuse, the greater the likelihood of developing severe health concerns, and in some extreme cases, death. The urgency in getting into the right alcohol rehab seems to be crucial for most people who have already decided on seeking addiction treatment. So, how long does it take to enroll in alcohol rehab?

Begin by contacting a treatment expert

Once you have identified that you or your loved one has an alcohol dependency problem that requires immediate treatment, contact a treatment expert. You could get referrals from your primary doctor, trusted friends, and relatives. The expert should be a call away. You might want to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the expert to inquire about all your concerns, doubts, and discuss the types of rehab facilities available. They may suggest a few facilities stating their success rates, policies, services, and amenities provided. With all gathered information, you don’t need an entire day to make your decision on the right facility to admit yourself into. Consider heading to the facilities for pre-visits and have a feel of how it feels to live there.
Depending on your motivation, support received, and the urgency, this initial step could take anywhere from hours to a few weeks.

Pre-intake screening

Pre-intake screening is often conducted through a phone call. It usually is the first interaction between the rehab facility and a potential patient. It would take you a few minutes to converse with the facility. You will discuss personal information to help the alcohol addiction treatment professionals determine what level of care you need once admitted into the rehab center.

You could present your drug history information, family life, relationship status, legal issues, type of drug you abuse, the period of addiction, any previous addiction treatment history, possible underlying emotional, health, and mental disorders. Your employment status and conditions and any list of current medications are also paramount. Compassionate staff members will make this pre-intake screening process smooth by creating a connection with the patient. You should have a good feeling about the customer service at the rehab through this phone call. At the end of your phone call, the rehab will ask you to give them time to go through your information and determine if you are the right candidate for treatment at their center.

Confirmation process

Well-organized recovery centers are highly responsive. You should receive feedback through a phone call either confirming your admission status or referral suggestion. A professional at the rehab may communicate their concern on not being able to help you out depending on the information provided. However, most will refer you to a capable facility. Also, the ratio of a therapist to patients at the facility may be inadequate, forcing them to refer you elsewhere or turn you down. After confirmation, you will be requested to head into the rehab facility to complete the admission process. This step depends on how fast your preferred recovery center operates. It could take anywhere from minutes, hours to days, or even weeks although highly unlikely they will keep you waiting for long.


While at the facility, you will be asked to fill an admission form that provides your contact information, personal details, and payment information. Filling a form is ideally one of the quickest processes in the entire process. It takes minutes to give out accurate data according to the rehab’s layout of the admission form. The person in charge will take the form once you are done and give you a date to return and begin formal treatment. In most cases, it is an instant phase.

You could decide to begin treatment as soon as they confirm your details. Most people prefer heading back home for preparations and to bid their families farewell before starting their journeys to recovery.

The answer to this question could be infinite. It all depends on how quickly you get information about the rehab, how the rehab’s processes are streamlined, and how committed you are to getting into the rehab. However, it isn’t a challenging process, and it could even take you a day once your mind is made up. Contact us today at 877-497-6180 for a rapid admission process and begin the healing journey today, for procrastination is the enemy of progress.

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