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Suboxone Detox or Maintenance: Which One Is Better?

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If you are addicted to drugs such as opiates or heroin, you are probably scared, not sure what to do and feeling like your entire world is crumbling. The answer you are searching for may be a medication called Suboxone. This will make your detoxification much easier and there is a maintenance program to help you succeed. There is so much support available for you and people who have your best interests at heart. It is a medication to help you manage your addiction and will provide relief from your cravings. It is important you understand the difference between detox and maintenance. Suboxone is used to help you through detox and manage the symptoms of your withdrawal. This will decrease your dependence on drugs and help you take control of your life again. The maintenance treatment is going to help reduce the chance you have a relapse. Suboxone has a lower abuse potential as opposed to methadone. If it is diverted or abused, respiratory depression is less likely. This is the first treatment medication for opiates that your doctor can prescribe without you needing to use an OTP or opioid treatment program.

Suboxone tablets and films come in ranges of 2mg/.5mg to 8mg/2mg of naloxone and buprenorphine. Limited opiate effects are produced by the buprenorphine where the naloxone helps prevent abuse because it is an antagonist drug. This means it can reverse the affects of the opiates if you use the medication incorrectly. The tablets are taken orally and the film dissolves under your tongue. They are both effective for a minimum of 24 hours. When you swallow it, there is less bioavailability than having it injected or chewing it and it can precipitate you having a withdrawal. Opiate addiction medications are based on the preferences of the patients for treatment goals, efficacy and safety. Both buprenorphine and methadone can control your symptoms of withdrawal, stabilize your physiologic processes and improve your functionality when you stay in treatment for the right length of time. The Suboxone providers are not as rigid with their regulations and restrictions than those providing methadone for the same purpose. Suboxone is available at your doctors office. This gives you more confidentiality, convenience and less visits to the office. Your time and travel are also decreased which may help you be able to receive treatment.

An Explanation of the Benefits of Suboxone for Detox

Your first step in getting your life back is detox. It will take time to recover from taking opiates. Your withdrawal should not be life threatening but it will help you with the unpleasant and sometimes painful symptoms. This will provide assistance with your withdrawal and your post withdrawals. Once you became dependent on opiates, you became subject to cravings well after you have completed the withdrawal phase. You can use the medication to reduce the possibility of a relapse for as long as you need. The detoxification process is often not enough to prevent you from taking opioids again. This is why a maintenance program is highly recommended along with education and counseling as an important part of your program to help you succeed. The number one reason people are unable to recover from an opiate addiction are they continue to remain dependent on the drug. They need these drugs numerous times each day just to feel well.

Suboxone was developed as a way to help you move past your psychological and physical addiction and lessen the impact of your cravings and withdrawal. This is accomplished by ensuring your system has the right balance of opiates. This makes certain they remain a part of your detox process. It makes a difference because it lasts for a long time and remains with the opioid receptors within your brain without any danger of fully activating these receptors. Once you have been given a dosage that enables you to feel comfortable staying in a detox program, your brain’s physiological functions will start to stabilize and improve. When you have been away from the shorter acting opiates, your cravings become easier to manage because your tolerance has been decreased. Once you and your doctor feel the time is right to stop using the medicine, your dosage will be decreased gradually with very little adverse effects. It will allow your body to heal so you can successfully stay away from opiates and resume a fulfilling life.

The Suboxone Maintenance Treatment

The best way for you to control your addiction and prevent a relapse is with an opioid maintenance program for the long term. This will give you the ability to keep working and taking care of your obligations while helping to prevent any opiate use and disruptive behavior so common with individuals with an opiate addiction. Using Suboxone to treat your addiction and for maintenance will help eliminate any diseases, crime, needle sharing, dysfunctions and mortality at the same time your overall health is improving. According to the statistics, individuals addicted to opiates increased between 2004 and 2010 for those in treatment at a non-OPT facility. Your physician can prescribe it to you for maintenance therapy for a full thirty days without any requirements to observe your dosing. Your doctor will continually assess your treatment progress and the effects of your dosage.

There are no requirements for psychosocial and counseling services found in a structured OTP program because this can often leave the individual with an insufficient treatment. Maintenance is the first step in your induction phase. You will begin by using the lowest dosage to alleviate your withdrawal and cravings from opiates. Suboxone is metabolized differently by everyone during the first week, Your dosage will be based on the way you feel two to four hours after receiving it. Your liver and body tissues will store the chemicals and the slow release ensures your blood levels are steady once the right dosage has been discerned. This means you will function normally without the medication causing any impairment. Please do not wait any longer than necessary. When you are ready, call our counselors 24 hours a day at 877-497-6180

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