What Are Some Of The Lessons Learned After 28 Days In Rehab?

Let’s face it…..substance abuse recovery is hard. It’s grueling work, it’s emotionally exhausting, and it’s going to stretch you farther than anything you’ve previously done. It is, however, completely worth every uncomfortable step in the journey. Most drug addicts never make it to rehab–this fact alone is difficult to swallow, as millions of people quietly suffer in isolation. What many people in the throes of addiction don’t realize is that treatment is an option for just about anyone, and access to care doesn’t have to be contingent on work, medical, or financial circumstances. Once thought of as something only the wealthy could attain, the field of recovery treatment has now changed significantly, with more and more centers offering low-cost or even free services for those who cannot afford to pay.

How do I know it’s time to go?

Lack of awareness and self-reflection can keep people from realizing that they need treatment in the first place. Realizing and recognizing some of the indicators of addiction is essential to making the decision to seek treatment. Some of the more classic signs of addiction to a substance include:

  • The development of physical health problems due to substance abuse
  • Strained or estranged relationships with family and friends
  • Relying on the use of the substance to get you through your day
  • Valuing substance use over all other activities
  • Issues with work or academic life

If you recognize that these symptoms are becoming prevalent in your life, it’s time to consider starting on your journey to wellness. Consider all of the wonderful things you will learn in recovery, and who you will become as this life-changing and transformative experience.

You will realize that you have no clue what you are doing

Most of us have some measure of arrogance when it comes to the way we live our lives; we need to leave that at the door when we enter rehab and realize that we are here because we don’t know how to do life. There are some aspects of living a sober life that we need to re-learn and re-integrate in order to be successful once more, and the sooner we can let go of anger and arrogance to do so, the more efficient our recovery will be.

It is better to be happy….you need to choose happiness

It is not your job to sit through rehab and correct others—-and it is not theirs to correct and antagonize you. Instead of being resentful at where you have landed, make the choice to be grateful for everything you have, the opportunities presented to you, and what you can look forward to in the days ahead. Choose happiness, commit to finding it, and eventually, you will get there.

Drugs are not the problem, but they are still your problem

You didn’t choose substance abuse because it was an attractive way of life; you chose substance abuse to escape some larger, deeper issues that are wreaking havoc on your mind, your life, and your emotions. Once you get to the heart of the matter, it is much easier to let go of addictive behaviors that you have taken on as a means of escape. The potential for relapse is always a reality, however, so you will have to work to stay away from those triggers and opportunities for purchase and use that you have run to in the past. Drugs are not your main problem, but they have become a problem; you must now take steps to fix your core issue.

It IS all about you

While there are other people in your life that need the time and attention that you haven’t been giving them lately, the one relationship that you need the most work on at this time is the one with yourself. How are you living? What are you eating? What are you giving to yourself? How are you nourishing your soul? Answering these questions and working to correct deficiencies will open the doors for you to receive all of the goodness that you’ve been missing all this time. You deserve good things; now it’s time to go out and create them.

Playtime is over

Substance abuse is, in a sense, irresponsibility and a failure to take responsibility for life. When you enter recovery treatment, playtime is over. It’s time to make an accounting for failures and past mistakes, to design and build a new life, and to make things happen. No one is going to do these things for you—you must grow up and take responsibility for the things that you’ve done and the things that you want to accomplish. When you do so, you will have learned one of the major lessons that rehabilitation can afford you.

It’s time….are you ready?

If you are reading this article, you are likely dabbling with the idea of addiction. It’s time to get off the fence and make things happen. Every day that you sit in the throes of addiction is one more day that you have lost the opportunity to create the life you’ve always dreamed about. Don’t hesitate any longer; you deserve to have a healthy and happy life once more. Contact us today at 877-927-9048 for more information on how you can re-enter a life filled with health and happiness.

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