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Useful Tips From Experts at a Medical Detox Center

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If you’re thinking about going to a medical detox center, you might be feeling fragile and overwhelmed. It’s possible that your life has been subject to a great deal of emotional upheaval that led to this moment. You don’t want to suffer any more pain, and the idea of going to a detox center might be frightening. Experts understand this hesitation. These useful tips from experts at a medical detox center can help educate prospective patients on what to expect.

Medical detox is generally the highest level of care that a person will receive during the recovery process. It occurs in the initial hours and days after they’ve stopped taking the substance or alcohol. The medical monitoring occurs around-the-clock to ensure that the patient goes through a safe withdrawal process. Generally, the process will last from 5 to 7 days.

These Experts Provided Tips for Nervous New Patients

It’s important that people be informed before they go to a medical detox center. Such information can help them make the best decisions for their unique circumstances. Education is the best way to combat the ignorance regarding addiction treatment. Experts have compiled a list of tips for entering detox centers. Hopefully, keeping these in mind will help ease your tension regarding this decision.

The goal of medical detox is not to harm you, judge you, or cause you any suffering whatsoever. In fact, medical detox centers can make the withdrawal process much smoother and safer than it would be when undertaken alone. Addiction is both a physical and mental illness. Medical detox centers help to treat the physical side of things, while a longer-term rehabilitation facility is geared more toward mental health assistance.

Tips for Choosing the Right Detox Center

If a drug and alcohol detox center is high quality, it will meet the following circumstances:

  • They don’t employ cold turkey methods
  • They don’t use rapid detoxification kits
  • They provide a combination of medication and therapy for withdrawal symptom management

If you find a detox center that meets these needs, the next step is to get in contact with your insurance company and find out whether they cover the facility. Uninsured stays at these places can become very pricey, so you want to be certain that you have insurance coverage.

After you’ve found a high quality detox center covered by your insurance company, your biggest factor will be choosing the right location. Is it important that you can see your family and friends throughout the withdrawal process? Do they provide a much-needed support network? Alternatively, would your withdrawal be easiest if you were removed from your current home environment for a while? Do you need some space between you and the people in your life?

For easy access to your family, you should look for local and in state rehab facilities. But for a more isolated and fresh-start experience, you might want to travel farther.

Tips for Understanding the Medical Detox Process

When you’re struggling with a disease, your brain and body aren’t always existing on the same page. This is especially true regarding physical addictions. Even though you may have mentally decided that you want to get help for your problem, your body still has a physical dependence on the drugs. You have to go through a withdrawal process to remove the drugs from your body. After this process is completed, you can engage in longer-term treatment programs to deal with your mental health.

The goal of the medical detox process is to help you through physical withdrawal. In the end, your body will no longer be going through painful symptoms due to physical dependency. The last vestiges of the substance or alcohol will have left you. You’ll be returned to a successful and sober function level, which is what you need if you’re going to face the mental health aspect of your addiction.

Tips to Deal With Withdrawal Symptoms

No matter what substance is causing your problem, medical detox is the safest form of detox. Quitting cold turkey or going through a rapid detox kit can cause high amounts of pain. These pain levels mean that many patients don’t see the process through, instead going back to their substance of choice. There’s a high rate of relapse. There’s also an increased chance of overdose after the relapse.

At a medical detox center, you have a team of medical professionals helping you. You’re given a support network and 24/7 monitoring, so you never have to go through the cravings and bodily changes alone. Medical detox also helps to blunt withdrawal symptoms, keeping people from feeling the full force of the illness or pain.

Experts say that detox at a medical center is imperative not only for your short-term physical health, but also for your longer-term physical and mental health.

Tips to Help With Evaluations

The first part of detox will be an evaluation. Your medical team will ask you a series of questions and perform examinations to determine important data about your addiction. The most important thing you can do is be honest with them. It doesn’t matter if what you did was illegal, or if you feel like you’ll be judged. Their entire job is to help you. They get paid to keep you safe. You won’t be judged, and you won’t be “ratted out” to police.

Your team will need to determine:

  • How long the addiction has been going on
  • How many previous attempts there have been to get sober
  • What drug doses you usually take
  • What you took and when you took your last dose
  • The results of previous sobriety attempts

These are key pieces of data that allow the team to create a detox protocol that suits your unique circumstances. Different patients will have different needs.

To learn more about medical detox and addiction treatment, you can call our trained counselors at 877-497-6180

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