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What Are Some Resources for Drug Treatment Support in Florida?

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Addiction is extremely powerful and infiltrates the lives of millions of individuals around the world each year. While overcoming a serious addiction is never simple, it is possible with the right resources and support. If you are in need of addiction support and drug treatment in the State of Florida, learn more about the resources near you to find a treatment center or program that is most suitable for your needs. When you begin seeking out drug treatment support in Florida it is important to keep the type of care you require in mind. If you are struggling with a severe physical addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs, consider an inpatient treatment center. However, if you are interested in maintaining your job and everyday responsibilities, an outpatient or IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) may be right for you.

Types of Drug Treatment Centers and Programs in Florida

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to getting the help necessary to overcome an addiction. Not all addictions impact individuals the same, which is why it is essential to understand the different types of drug treatment solutions available before choosing a program or center that is optimal for you. Inpatient rehabilitation facilities, outpatient rehab programs, and IOP (intensive outpatient programs) are some of the most common solutions available in Florida for those in need.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Inpatient rehabilitation centers and facilities are extremely common support solutions in Florida. Inpatient rehab centers and programs require you to live within the facility itself throughout the entire duration of your treatment. Most inpatient drug treatment programs last 30, 60, or 90 days depending on your needs and the severity of your addiction. Inpatient programs are optimal if you are in need of medically-monitored detoxing and dual diagnosis services. Dual diagnosis services are utilized to create a plan of action that is customized to fit your individual needs while working through an addiction. A medically-monitored detox solution is essential if you are struggling with a physical addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal substances that have the potential to cause harm or fatalities in those who use them.

Medically-monitored detoxing prevents potential risks such as seizures, heart failure, respiratory failure, comas, and even death in high-risk individuals who have serious and long-term addictions to deadly drugs and substances. Inpatient programs also provide individual therapy and counseling sessions along with group meetings and sponsorship opportunities. After you have been diagnosed and completed detox, rediscover how to find pleasure in activities and hobbies that were once a source of joy to you in everyday life. Learn how to make the most out of the time you have available each day by improving skills and socializing with others who are also drug and alcohol-free. Take advantage of a zero-tolerance environment with the right inpatient drug treatment program.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Solutions

Outpatient drug treatment programs are available for individuals who are in need of moral and emotional support while overcoming an addiction. While outpatient programs do not require you to relocate or leave your everyday life, they are ideal if you are seeking a solution to gain a sense of camaraderie while you work through the obstacles and challenges you face living a sober life. Outpatient programs provide you with resources such as individual therapy along with group counseling sessions.

Meet with an individual therapist to discover the root cause of your addiction and how to face and overcome it with everyday temptation. Group meetings are also highly advisable if you benefit from a sense of community while making new connections. Meet other individuals who have struggled with addiction in the past or are currently working to overcome an addiction that has infiltrated their lives. Discover how to better communicate your emotions or triggers that lead to giving in to temptation or relapsing with an outpatient drug treatment program in Florida.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) in the State of Florida

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs) are extremely similar to traditional outpatient drug treatment solutions. However, intensive outpatient programs also provide additional therapy services that are not always available with a traditional outpatient program. Additional therapy services provided with IOP solutions include:

  • Reeducation on Addiction: Learn how addiction infiltrates the mind (psychologically) and the body (physically)
  • Brain Chemistry: Discover how brain chemistry is affected and impacted by addiction and long-term use of substances of all kinds
  • Relapse Prevention: Spend time learning how to prevent experiencing a relapse or finding yourself succumbing to the temptation of drugs or alcohol
  • 12-Step-Program Information: Learn about local 12-step programs near you throughout Florida for continued moral and emotional support as you fight your addiction

Reach Out

One way to ensure you are moving forward in the right direction with choosing a drug treatment solution that is right for you is to reach out a professional care specialist. Connect with a care specialists or representative available a local drug treatment center or facility to learn about programs available in your area. Ask questions about the services provided with each resource near you while also inquiring about both inpatient and outpatient solutions. Request additional information or schedule an appointment to take the next step in living your life free of substances and temptation.

While overcoming and defeating an addiction does not occur overnight, it is possible with enough willpower, commitment, and desire to change. With the right resources and drug treatment support, relearn how to enjoy life again without the temptation of substances. Choosing a drug treatment support solution or center that is right for you is one way to move forward with your goals of living a life of sobriety.

Are you ready to make a change and want to get started with a drug treatment program? Call us at 877-497-6180 for more information regarding the drug treatment programs and support we currently have available in the State of Florida today.

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