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What Is Belbuca?

What is Belbuca? | Just Believe Recovery

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Belbuca is a prescription treatment for relief of severe pain. This medication is in film form and it contains the opioid medication buprenorphine.

This medication is designed to handle chronic pain in patients. It’s typically prescribed in cases where the patient would need 24/7 opioid medication to deal with their pain level.

Patients ingest the medication by putting the belbuca film between their gum and cheek. The film then attaches to this moist membrane, and starts to deliver medication into the patient’s bloodstream as it dissolves.

What Is Belbuca?

It’s important to note that belbuca is still a medication from the opioid family of drugs. It’s important to take belbuca as your doctor has prescribed it. Any misuse of this medication could result in serious addiction or even overdose.

Being an opioid also means that belbuca has very strong side effects. These side effects and withdrawal symptoms can potentially be fatal. This is especially true during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should not take belbuca. Using the film during pregnancy will result in severe, possibly fatal, side effects in a newborn child.

Side effects can be equally as fatal if the drug is combined with alcohol. Combining the two substances can result in serious complications like slowed breathing or extreme drowsiness.

Be Careful With Belbuca

You will want to discuss your medical history in detail with your doctor before going on a regimen of belbuca. An allergy to buprenorphine or asthma can cause dangerous side effects while taking the medicine. You’ll want to inform your doctor if you suffer from either.

Belbuca can also cause complications in people who have a blockage in their digestive tract. More specifically, a bowel obstruction caused paralytic ileus.

Other conditions that should be disclosed to your doctor are: sleep apnea, liver disease, breathing problems, kidney disease, enlarged prostate, gallbladder issues, pancreas issues, thyroid issues, a head injury, brain tumor, seizures, drug addiction, methadone use, any mental conditions, alcohol abuse, mouth sores caused by cancer, low levels of potassium or magnesium in the blood, or if you take any medication for heart rhythm.

Any of the above conditions need to be discussed with a medical professional in order to determine if belbuca is a safe treatment for you.

As mentioned before, belbuca can be very dangerous if taken while pregnant. Using the drug during your pregnancy can result in your child becoming dependent upon the medication. Once this dependence is formed in the womb, it can cause the baby to have severe withdrawal symptoms after birth.

When a baby is born dependent on any habit-forming substance, they will require intense medical care for a long period of time. Typically, they will need to undergo treatment for several weeks. It’s best to tell your doctor if you are pregnant, or if you’re planning to have a baby in the future.

Belbuca can also transfer into the breastmilk of a nursing mother. As such, the medication should be avoided if you are breastfeeding. Belbuca should not be given to anyone under the age of eighteen.

Using Belbuca Properly

Following the direction of your medical professional, and the directions on the bottle, is the best way to use belbuca. It’s important that the medication is never taken in larger doses, or for a longer period of time, than prescribed.

If the medication starts to become less effective in treating your pain symptoms, tell your doctor. Don’t take it upon yourself to take more of the drug to try and relieve your pain.

Being in contact with your medical professional throughout the process is extremely important. Buprenorphine can still be habit-forming in its prescribed dosage. Keeping your doctor up to date on what’s happening with your pain level, the effectiveness of the medication, and even if you start to feel a habit developing, will help.

In addition to keeping your doctor updated, you may be advised to visit a medical professional for routine blood tests. This is done to monitor liver function as you take the medication.

If you happen to need surgery while on the medication, it’s important to let the surgeon know that you are taking belbuca.

It’s important to note that if someone is misusing this medication or taking it improperly, one dose may be enough to kill them. Leftover medication should be discarded, and this medication should never be shared with anyone.

Some cities may have a drug take-back disposal program. You may be able to bring your excess medication there to be properly disposed of and make sure no one else is put in danger. You can ask your doctor for information on drug take-back disposal programs near you.

If there is no drug take-back program available, the best method to dispose of the medication is to flush the excess belbuca films down the toilet. Remove them from the foil pack, flush whatever films you haven’t used, and throw the foil packaging away.

Doses of Belbuca

When taking belbuca it’s important to keep track of your dosage schedule. If you happen to miss a dose, it’s important not to use extra medicine to make up for it. If you forgot to take a dose of the medication, and it’s getting close to the time for your next dose, just skip the previous dose. Taking more medicine to try to “catch up” on your doses can be very dangerous.

If the medication happens to be misused, and someone is experiencing an overdose, call 911 or the Poison Help Line. Overdosing on this medication can be fatal. This is especially true if someone without a prescription takes the medication.

Clammy skin, extreme drowsiness, severe muscle fatigue, weak pulse, pinpoint pupils, and slowed breathing are all signs of an overdose. If you notice these symptoms in yourself, or someone else who has taken the drug, please seek medical help right away.

Treatment Options

Buprenorphine, like other opioids, is severely habit-forming. If you, or someone you know, start to develop a dependence on belbuca it’s important to get help.

The success rate for stopping these drugs alone is very low. They can’t be stopped suddenly, withdrawal symptoms need to be monitored by medical staff, and a doctor should be working with you on a tapering schedule. This will help you to stop using in a safe and healthy way.

Although belbuca can be quite addictive when misused, don’t feel defeated. With the proper care, and proper resources, all drugs can be beaten. Contact Just Believe today and let us help you get started down the path to recovery.

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