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What is Different About a Holistic Detox Program?

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If you believe that a more spiritual approach will help you heal from addiction, you might be intrigued by a holistic detox program. A holistic program emphasizes an approach that is spiritual without being religious. A holistic detox is a good fit for those who have a strong belief in alternative and complementary medicine. If this appeals to you, a drug rehab with a holistic approach might be a good choice. Most drug rehab facilities incorporate holistic elements into their treatment plans. They know that addiction is more than just physical. At most rehab centers, you will work on the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction. At a program with a holistic focus, however, the spiritual element is more pronounced.

How Does a Holistic Detox Work with Addiction?

Holistic and complementary medicine has been around for centuries. In the past, people relied on herbal cures, meditation, and yoga to help them stay healthy. Recently, these techniques have seen an upsurge in popularity. More people now use these methods as a way to supplement their health. Many people are interested in finding ways to add healthy, natural healing to their lives. What does this mean for you as an addict or alcoholic? At a holistic detox center, you will still get the medical and psychiatric help you need to recover from addiction.

In addition, you will use alternative medicine like meditation and mindfulness. These techniques help you deal with the many emotional swings that come with recovery. In a holistic detox program, you’ll develop your spiritual side as a way of bringing peace and focus to your thinking and your behavior. You might practice yoga or tai chi as ways to heal your body. The focus is on building skills that you can use to work through the complicated, sometimes difficult moments that you’ll experience during recovery and sobriety. All of these techniques work together to make recovery an important part of your personal growth. Other therapies that you might find in a holistic detox program include the following.

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture has proven effective in helping people cope with chronic pain. It can help you cope with the physical craving for drugs or alcohol.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques: When you know how to cope with difficult emotions, recovery is easier. These techniques will teach you to center your emotions and not let them knock you around.
  • Exercise and meditation: Slow, gentle exercise combined with meditation is an excellent way to focus your thinking. It also helps your stressed-out muscles relax.
  • Nutrition: Your body is probably starved of proper nutrition. As part of holistic detox, you will learn how eating the right foods can make you stronger physically and mentally.
  • Creative therapies: Addiction has probably robbed you of the energy or desire to express yourself artistically. Through creative therapy, you can reconnect with that side of yourself.

What Can You Expect From a Holistic Detox Program?

A holistic detox program offers the same proven, evidence-based techniques and therapies that any well-managed rehab facility offers. Typically, these include medical detox, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), enrollment in 12-step programs, and group therapy. At a facility with a holistic program, you are also likely to find the following:

  • A stronger emphasis on techniques like meditation to help you stay calm and focused as you’re coping with difficult moments in recovery.
  • More use of creative therapies that allow for self-expression, like art therapy and drama therapy.
  • Activities that put you in touch with nature, which is seen as essential to healing.
  • An environment that is warm and welcoming.
  • Therapy to help you deal with trauma in your past.
  • Opportunities to explore your spirituality.

Will a Holistic Rehab Provide Medical Detox?

You’ll begin your treatment at a holistic rehab with safe, medically-supervised detox. Once the alcohol or drugs are out of your system, you can move onto the full inpatient or outpatient treatment program. You won’t have to go through a difficult, painful withdrawal. You can start your journey to spiritual and emotional health with safe, comfortable detox.

Would a Holistic Detox Be Right for You?

If you feel that you’re searching for something beyond religion to help you recover, you might be interested in this type of program. As an alcoholic or drug addict, your thoughts and emotions can often be unfocused and confusing. You might feel that your emotions are wildly out of control. The skills you’ll learn in a holistic detox can help you with this. You will learn to calm your mind and bring yourself to a state of inner peace. Do you feel that you’ve neglected the spiritual side of your life? As an addict, it’s difficult to develop your spiritual nature when you’re worn out from fighting your addiction. At a holistic detox program, you’ll have the time and encouragement to develop this part of yourself in a safe environment. A holistic detox program is a good choice if you:

  • Feel the need for a spiritual component in your recovery.
  • Want a treatment plan that is individualized for your needs and your history.
  • Want a plan that addresses underlying factors to your addiction like depression or anxiety.
  • Believe that alternative or complementary medicine will help you heal.
  • Want to reconnect with your creative side.
  • Want a program that also includes 12-step programs, CBT, and other proven addiction treatments.
  • Would feel comfortable in a community of like-minded people.

We Can Help You Find the Right Program

Are you looking for a holistic detox program for yourself or a loved one? We can help you find a plan that offers the approach you’re looking for. Find the right facility by calling our counselors at 877-497-6180.

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