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Is Port St. Lucie Rehab Better Than Other South Florida Locations?

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You need to go to rehab for drug, alcohol or some other treatment reason. You’d like to receive treatment in the South Florida area, but there are many treatment centers from which to choose. To preserve your anonymity and to receive the highest level of rest and recuperation available during this process, select a treatment center in the St. Lucie area. St. Lucie provides a scenic beach area with all the medical help you need to get clean and sober, while not being in a hectic, large city atmosphere.

Your relationships have changed with your family and friends. Your new friends want what they can get out of you. You can’t participate in school or keep a job for very long because you can’t stay clean and sober for very long at one time. You’ve got a ticket or two, and want to stop using before the legal ramifications of your substance abuse gets worse, or before someone become seriously injured. But what can rehab do for me? Should I go off my drug of choice cold turkey? And what will happen if I choose to go to a rehab center in St. Lucie, Florida?

Should I Check Myself into a St. Lucie Rehab Facility?

The correct answer to this significant question is a resounding “Yes.” Going off most substances or alcohol cold turkey can be a scary process, is rarely successful, and can be dangerous for your health. For instance, one of the most abused substances today is alcohol. Many individuals have tried to get off alcohol by not drinking. That’s a good idea until the withdrawal symptoms start kicking in. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that might occur when you stop drinking include:

• Shaking.
• An intense headache.
• Nausea and vomiting as the body clear itself from alcohol.
• Vomiting.
• Anxiety.
• Hallucinations.
• Confusion.
• Sweating.
• Increased blood pressure and stress on the body.
• Seizures or convulsions.

What if you’re addicted to heroin? Many addicts start by using opioids and end up using heroin when nothing else will get them to that particular high they were so enjoying. If you have a problem with heroin, you are not alone, as the drug has become a severe issue in American society today. Don’t try to go through heroin withdrawal by yourself. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that may occur due to no longer using heroin are:

• Restlessness.
• Anxiety.
• Achy muscles.
• A runny nose and eyes.
• Heavy perspiration.
• Insomnia.
• Stomach cramping.
• Diarrhea.
• Vomiting and nausea.
• Vision issues.
• Increased heart rate.
• Seizures.
• Death.

For these reasons, you need medical assistance when going through substance withdrawal.

What Happens During Treatment at a Reputable Rehab Center?

Here are a few of the experiences you may have at a qualified treatment center. The first experience for many who go to rehab remains the detox phase of treatment. Detox isn’t a pleasant experience and can be a serious health concern, too. An excellent rehab facility has medical personnel on board to make sure you get through your period of detox safely. They may even be able to lessen your discomfort in ways that won’t sabotage you’re getting clean and sober. Usually, detox takes from between one week and 14 days. After this period, you’ll need to get used to living your life without your chemical of choice. That’s where counseling comes in.

The next phase of treatment contains both group and individual counseling. Individual counseling helps you work through any issues that led to your addiction. It also teaches you coping skills that help you live your life substance free. Group counseling gives you the opportunity to create a support system and to learn from people who have been down the road of getting and staying clean.

Learning to Live Clean and Sober

It took you more time than 30 days to get free from substances, so it may take longer than 30 days to learn to live without your chemical of choice. You may have the opportunity to live in a sober house setting, where you’ll discover some basic life skills and get back on your feet. Sober living prepares you to look for a job, go back to school or get another plan for your life that doesn’t include using drugs or alcohol. Also, you and your counseling team can make decisions about your aftercare situation. You will feel like you’ve gained a new beginning for your life, and you have. But cravings and bad habits may crop up to tempt you back into substance use. You’ll need a team to help you stay on the sober path for the rest of your life. Extended care continues after you leave a treatment facility to give you people to lean on during the tough times. Some of the skills you’ll be taught during the sober living, and aftercare portions of your treatment are to:

• Learn to take pride in yourself by developing a pattern of sober living in a sober living house. You’ll also gain coping skills when living with others, which is a necessary skill for everyone to have.
• Gets practice using coping skills to avoid substance abuse triggers and avoid these triggers.
• Get help quickly if you are in danger of relapsing or if you do relapse.
• Gain experience using the support system you’ve developed rather than your substance to deal with life. This experience includes developing a good working relationship with counselors and family members.

You aren’t alone in your sobriety struggle. We can help you through your issues and assist you in getting free from chemical use and abuse. We also offer treatment for eating disorders, gambling, and other compulsive behaviors. Drug use and compulsive behaviors are an illness. But you’ll need to take the first step in the process of getting well again. Contact us to take the first step towards wellness at 877-497-6180. We are here for you with counselors to help get and stay sober 24 hours per day.

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