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Yellow Xanax Bars: Effects, Abuse, and Dependence

Yellow Xanax Bars | Effects, Abuse, and Dependence | Just Believe Detox

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“Yellow school bus” or “yellow bus” are street names for the yellow Xanax bar, which is actually a benzodiazepine medication made by a drug company called Actavis Pharma. Conversely, the real Xanax bar (the brand name made by Pfizer) is white rather than yellow. Both are triangular-shaped and look similar (other than the color) and are used for similar indications, including anxiety and panic disorders. They are both 2mg with three scores each for easy division into four .5mg doses if desired.

Xanax by Pfizer is typically pricier because of its brand name. For this reason, many users, especially those who use benzos for recreational purposes, opt for the generic version of the drug with the same potency. Pills come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and imprints because many companies produce generic versions.

Yellow Xanax vs. White Xanax

Yellow Xanax tablet or “bar” comes with an imprint that indicates R 0 3 9 to differentiate the drug from other pills. Because of its similar look to Xanax, save its color, people refer to this bar as yellow Xanax, which is easier to remember than yellow alprazolam. Its shape and look resemble a school bus, so the slang term “yellow school bus” was coined.

Other available colors of alprazolam include the following:

  • White, oval – 0.25 mg
  • Peach, round – 0.5 mg
  • Peach, football-shaped – 0.5 mg
  • Orange, oval – 0.5 mg
  • White, five-sided – 0.5 mg
  • Blue, oval – 1 mg
  • Yellow, four-sided – 1 mg
  • Blue, round – 2 mg
  • White, rectangle – 2 mg
  • Green, three-sided – 3 mg

Yellow Xanax Bar Addiction

For those who have legitimate anxiety issues, taking Xanax for a short period could potentially be beneficial. With millions of individuals in the U.S. suffering from anxiety issues, it should be of little surprise that alprazolam is one of the most highly prescribed benzos in the nation, with over 50 million prescriptions each year. However, much research has revealed that alprazolam is a habit-forming drug with a potential for dependence and addiction, even after being used for a brief period.

People who use Xanax recreationally or without a prescription are more at risk, especially if they use whole Xanax bars. Moreover, recreational users tend to take the entire bar in one sitting and are less likely to subdivide it into smaller doses as perhaps would have been directed by a health provider.

Yellow Xanax Bars | Effects, Abuse, and Dependence | Just Believe Detox

The 2mg Xanax bar is a relatively large dose of alprazolam as it is 2-4 times the regular dose. The maximum amount a person is supposed to take in a day is 4mg, so taking an entire Xanax bar at once can induce heavy sedation immediately for naïve users. Taking more than one bar increases the risk of overdose, especially if combined with other sedating substances such as opioids or alcohol.

Because yellow Xanax bars produce the same effect as white bars, the risk of addiction is also relatively high. If a person ingests heavy doses of alprazolam, this behavior can produce tolerance rapidly. When this occurs, the person will need higher doses over time to get the desired effect from the drug.

You should never buy yellow Xanax from social media or anonymous online sites in which no prescription is needed. Among other reasons, there are many fake yellow Xanax bars online, and often, these bars are inexpensive and do not even contain alprazolam. Instead, these drugs usually consist of other potentially toxic substances such as the lethal opioid fentanyl.

Getting Help for Drug Dependence

Addiction to Xanax bars is a potentially devastating condition. Those who become dependent and try to quit face repercussions, including withdrawal symptoms, which in some cases may lead to life-threatening seizures. For these individuals, seeking professional help for discontinuing Xanax is required.

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